What are the Emerging Trends and Challenges in the Print & Packaging Business in Dubai?

A Market Analysis and a Guide to Setting Up a Print & Packaging Busines in Dubai

The print & packaging business in Dubai is becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses and is anticipated to grow at a high pace from 2023-2029. With an increasing business setup in Dubai and a fast-growing population, the demand for printing products is reaching an all-time high. Healthcare, architecture, and engineering products are some areas where printing is in high demand. Moreover, new business setups require print & packaging cards, product printing, and requirements for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, which mostly includes billboards, posters, and wallscapes. 

In this blog by Next Generation Corporate Services, your expert Business Setup Consultant in Dubai, we will discuss what makes starting your print & packaging in  Dubai attractive and how to set up your print & packaging in Dubai. 

The Emerging Trends of Print & Packaging in Dubai

Post the advent of COVID-19, companies were forced to adapt and shift towards the use of digital technologies. Since then, the market has suffered and seen a downward trend in the conventional print & packaging. Despite the backdrop, the print & packaging is showing a positive growth potential as new technologies are constantly emerging and giving life to this business sector. Following are some of the emerging trends of Print & packaging in 2023:

  • 3D Printing: What’s great about 3D printing is that it is versatile and can be used in printing almost anything three-dimensional. You can print spare parts, desk accessories, plastic cases, and moulds for other businesses.
  • Portable Printing:  You can introduce convenient portable printers that can print small documents on the go, occupying little space and fulfilling the need instantly, which can amuse many individuals.


  • Printing-as-Service: This method involves subscribing to a custom design and printing service. One can design at their convenience and send the design to get printed remotely. The print then gets delivered to their specified address. The PAS is mostly for those businesses and individuals who frequently require specific types of prints and do not want to purchase all the expensive printing machines.
  • Packaging: Almost all businesses selling products such as cosmetics, retail, F&B require packaging. They will demand designs that are aesthetically appealing while convenient for their customers. 

Apart from these, as everything is getting connected to the internet, providing cyber-security solutions for print & packaging is also an option you can choose to start your business in the printing sector. If you face difficulty understanding the market, Next Generation Corporate Services is your go-to Business Setup Advisor in Dubai. We will assist you in every step of the process and will help you to establish your business in Dubai efficiently. 

How to Setup a Print & Packaging Business in Dubai Easily

If you start your business with the help of an expert Business Setup Agency like Next Generation Corporate Services, the business setup process becomes efficient. All the hassle, paperworks and compliances can easily be managed, saving you enough time to focus on your business and marketing strategies. Below are the steps to set up your print & packaging in Dubai: 

  • Decide the Niche: Printing is needed in most of our daily activities. Be it printing cards, banners, product packaging, etc. It is important to determine which niche you should focus on to make an impact.  


  • Select the Right Technology:  Printing technology has advanced aggressively since the turn of this century. For every type of print, there is a dedicated printing machine. To start your business in printing, you should carefully assess the needs and select the right type of machine to avoid unnecessary costs.


  • Build Your Business Plan: Before you move ahead, it is advised that you prepare your business plan. A good business plan includes an accurate description of your products, marketing strategy, supply chain, target customers, financial projections, etc. This will help you make effective decisions throughout your business setup process and later. 


  • Register Your Business: To register your print & packaging in Dubai, it is mandatory to consult a local business setup advisor to avoid any uncertainties. As the leading Business Setup Agency in Dubai, we will assist you in registering your business in the most streamlined way possible. Below are the steps to successfully register your company in Dubai:
  1. Choose an Appropriate Name
  2. Select a Legal Structure (LLC or Sole Proprietorship)
  3. Submit for DET’s initial Approval
  4. Approval of LSA and MOA from a Notary Public
  5. Finalize your Commercial Lease Agreement or Ejari
  6. Obtain Final Payment Voucher from DET.
  7. Additional approvals and Permits from Dubai Civil Defence and/or Dubai Municipality.

These are the most common steps of registering your business in Dubai; if you need detailed explanation and assistance, consider contacting Next Generation Corporate Services for more dedicated and personal guidance on the business setup process and to get Professional Corporate Services in Dubai.

In Conclusion

Finally, print & packaging in Dubai have the potential for significant growth, driven by rising trends such as 3D printing and portable printing. To start your print & packaging in Dubai successfully, select the right type of niche and technology and plan thoroughly. Consulting with Business Setup Advisors like Next Generation Corporate Services will simplify the process and ensure your business prospers in this dynamic environment. Contact us today to set up your print & packaging in Dubai.

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