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How to get a business license in Dubai

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How to get a business license in Dubai

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How to get a business license in Dubai

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How to get a business license in Dubai

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Why do business in the UAE?

With a robust and diversified economy, the UAE enjoys its foothold as one of the best locations for a new business set up. The glorious infrastructure, 100% foreign ownership and an extremely simplified company registration process make it an attractive proposition for businesses looking to expand or explore new markets.

Next Generation Corporate Services embraces the UAE’s renowned reputation for groundbreaking innovation and relentless progress. Our mission is to support individuals and organizations in discovering and seizing business opportunities , enabling them to integrate seamlessly into the dynamic and flourishing UAE market.

100% foreign

Full control of your business

0% corporate
& income tax

100% of your profits in your pocket

No restrictions on
profit transfer

Move your money as you wish

AED pegged to

Stable UAE economy

Competitive labour

Create a world-class workforce


Vibrant market between East and West

Government authorities we work with

Clients who trusted us

What makes Dubai the most preferred destination for business?

With a visionary spirit that knows no bounds, Dubai showcases a seamless blend of luxury, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. It entices businesses with its stability, expanding market opportunities, and strategic location at the crossroads of global trade. As the gateway to the Middle East and beyond, Dubai embodies the epitome of success, offering a dynamic platform for growth. A new business setup in Dubai opens a gateway of infinite possibilities and opportunities to bloom.
Dubai Business Set Up


Dubai: Where leaders prosper

Since rising out of the sand less than 50 years ago, Dubai has been seen as the home of intellects, creatives, innovators, doers and dreamers. All looking to forge their own paths, the city’s culture, stability and welcoming embrace have made it one of the world’s top destinations for business leaders. Why not join them?

Number 1 For Business

Dubai is set up for business, with the UAE ranked number 1 regionally and number 11 globally among 190 economies for ease of doing business.

Solid Infrastructure

Dubai has invested heavily on roads and transportation infrastructure and is home to some of the world’s most iconic buildings and landmarks.

Safe For All

With a Safety Index score of 80%
(safearound.com) Dubai is seen to be one of the safest places in the world for residents and visitors.


Dubai understands the importance of education, boasting affiliations with top international schools and universities from around the world.

World-Class Healthcare

Dubai offers quality healthcare services for all residents through a range of world-class clinics, hospitals and medical facilities.

Entertainment & Culture

From amusement parks and malls, to art galleries, restaurants and more, Dubai offers an unbeatable combination of climate, culture and amenities.


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