The importance of sustainable business practices in Dubai

Since the turn of this century, Dubai has positioned itself globally as the most successful commercial and financial hub. With around 72,000 new business license registrations, more than 120 events in 2021, and 14.36 million tourist visits in 2022, Dubai has become a busy hive for commercial and financial activities. Dubai has hosted countless important international events, and with every event, new opportunities come knocking for entrepreneurs and new business setups in Dubai.

This year, as the 28th meeting of the UNFCCC’s Conference of Parties (COP 28) is scheduled to begin from 30th November till 12th December at Expo City, Dubai is determined to decrease its carbon footprint by encouraging businesses and startups to adopt climate-conscious strategies. Moreover, it is inviting new business setups with innovative technology that could reduce overall carbon emissions and contribute to the aim of net zero emissions.

In this blog by Next Generation Corporate Services, the leading business setup agency in Dubai, we will discuss in detail how the COP 28 summit will help new busines setups in Dubai and how you can, as an entrepreneur, benefit from this international event to Set Up Your business in Dubai. 

What is the COP 28 Summit? 

Before we move on to discuss the advantages and benefits, let’s understand what actually is the COP 28. In simple terms, The members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and the Conference of Parties to Convention decided to meet yearly to discuss climate-related issues and the collective actions required to tackle these issues. These annual meetings are called the Conference of Parties (COP), and COP 28 simply means the 28th meeting of the Conference of Parties. 

The theme for this year’s COP 28 summit is Technology and Innovation, Inclusion, Finance and Frontline Communities, with an agenda of encouraging new business setups and startups to innovate and develop climate-friendly technologies. 

The Benefits of Registering Your Business in Dubai During COP 28 Summit

As Dubai is hosting this year’s COP summit, there will be numerous benefits for the economy of Dubai in general, but especially for new fintech business startups. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:   

  1. Global Exposure

COP 28 will bring forth the attention of world leaders, policymakers, scientists and media from all around the world. This will once again put Dubai in the international spotlight, which will offer startups an opportunity to showcase their innovations and solutions to a global audience. The increased visibility can attract investors, partners and customers, which is a golden opportunity for new business setups in Dubai. 

  1. Sustainable Business Opportunities

The focus of COP 28 on climate change and sustainability offers the perfect environment for new business setups working on green and sustainable solutions. Whether you are considering setting up a business involving renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, waste management, or clean technology, there will likely be increased demand and interest in your offerings during the summit. So register your company with Next Generation Corporate Services to immediately avail yourself of this opportunity. 

  1. Networking Opportunities

The conference will host various side events, workshops, and climate change and sustainability exhibitions. Attending these events can provide startups with valuable networking opportunities. Building relationships with like-minded individuals and organisations can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and investments.

  1. Government Initiatives

Host cities of COP summits often implement new policies and initiatives related to sustainability and climate action. Dubai is no exception and is expected to launch green and sustainable initiatives in preparation for COP28. Startups aligned with these initiatives can benefit from government support, grants, and incentives.

  1. Innovation Showcases

COP summits often feature innovation showcases and competitions focused on climate solutions. Participating in these events can allow startups to gain recognition for their innovative products or services and potentially secure funding or partnerships.

  1. Market Expansion

Dubai’s reputation as a global business hub is further enhanced by hosting COP28. Startups in Dubai can leverage this status to expand into international markets as the city becomes a focal point for global economic and environmental discussions.

  1. Increased Investor Interest

During the COP 28 summit, there will be global attention on climate change and sustainability. This will attract investors and venture capitalists looking to support new business setups and startups in Dubai. The benefits of opening a company in dubai during this time will be many, so contact Next Generation today to speed up the registering process of your company. 

Register Your Company in Dubai with Next Generation Corporate Services

As COP28 approaches, Dubai is set to become a global sustainability hub. This presents a unique opportunity for new business setups to succeed in a city actively seeking innovative solutions to address climate challenges. With Next Generation Corporate Services as your trusted partner, you can easily manage the complexities of setting up a business in Dubai. Be stress-free and achieve your dream of owning a business in Dubai with our professional corporate services and expert Business Setup consultation.

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