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The Pandemic accelerated the concept of hybrid jobs and remote working has become more and more prevalent. With companies giving out permanent work from home, employees are looking for the best places to live and work remotely. Seeing this, The Savills Executive Nomad Index recently published its top 15 places to live and work remotely. Among these 15, Dubai stands among the top 3 due to its air connectivity reaching over 100 countries with more than 240 destinations. This provides a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who are working remotely and want to Set Up a Business in Dubai. To achieve your dream, Next Generation Corporate Services is your partner in providing the Best Business Setup Services in Dubai. 

In this blog, we will learn more about these rankings and will know how you can start your business in Dubai while living and working remotely in Dubai. 

What are the Factors of The Savills Executive Nomad Index Dubai Ranking?

The Savills Executive Nomad Index rankings for Dubai consider the following factors:

  • Internet Speed: Dubai’s high-speed internet infrastructure and widespread access to fast internet services contribute to its ranking in the index.
  • Quality of Life: Dubai offers a high quality of life for executives and digital nomads, with a range of amenities, healthcare services, educational opportunities, and safety measures.
  • Climate: Dubai’s year-round sunshine and warm climate make it an attractive destination for those seeking pleasant weather throughout the year.
  • Air Connectivity: Dubai’s international airport provides easy access to and from the city, making it a convenient location for frequent travellers and remote workers.
  • Prime Residential Rents: The affordability and availability of prime residential properties in Dubai play a role in its ranking.

How to Start Your Business in Dubai while Working Remotely?

Now that you have considered living and working remotely in Dubai, you should focus on how you can get that perfect balance between your work and setting up a business in Dubai. To ease the process for you, Next Generation Corporate Services is here to guide you through the entire business setup process in Dubai.

  • Create an Effective Work Setup: Balancing your business goals against remote working requires you to design an effective setup. Buy good internet & create your own home office area. Dubai also offers a wide range of co-working facilities that are designed to suit the working preferences of remote workers and freelancers.
  • Do Market Research: For your business to be successful in Dubai, you must first understand the Dubai market. You will need to conduct thorough market research to understand your target customers and what they want and identify your competition. Customise your product/service for Dubai’s varied market.
  • Choose the Right Business Structure: While setting up your business in Dubai, choosing the right business structure is essential. The alternatives are a mainland company, a free zone company, and an offshore company. All have their own benefits and costs in respect of tax, ownership, and regulatory compliance. It’s important you look at your business goals and target audience when planning the best strategy.
  • Understand Legal Requirements: There are definite steps to setting up a business in Dubai. The required licenses and permits will depend on the type of business activities you choose. Research required permits and licenses and seek guidance from Next Generation Corporate Services to avoid any violation of Dubai laws and regulations.
  • Financial Planning and Funding: Starting up in Dubai means financing. Determine the cost of your initial capital, operational overhead, and estimated revenue. Research financing options such as savings, loans and equity (venture capital) to ensure you have adequate funding for your company’s growth.
  • Build a Strong Online Presence: Having an online presence in the modern world has become mandatory to survive. Get a professional website, do some social media marketing, and optimise for search engines (SEO). This will enable you to spread out and become well known.
  • Networking and Partnerships: Dubai has become a centre for commerce and business associations. Go to events, become a member of local business groups, and develop relationships with future customers and strategic partners. By networking, you can get the chance to collaborate and expand your business in Dubai.
  • Consult a Business Setup Expert: Next Generation Corporate Services can guide you through the minefield of Dubai’s legal environment. Meeting local law and regulatory requirements is essential to avoid any such situations. Setting up a business in Dubai while working remotely can be a difficult task; that’s where we can help you ease the process.  Contact us for expert business consultation and Professional Corporate Services in Dubai.

Next Generation Corporate Services: Your Partner in Setting Up Business in Dubai

Achieving the perfect balance of living in Dubai while simultaneously launching a remote business is not an impossible dream but requires careful planning and execution. Next Generation Corporate Services is the Best Business Setup Agency in Dubai, and we can get your business started in the most efficient way. With us, you can easily manage your remote work and start your business in Dubai. Contact us today!

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