How Can You Grow Your Business with Professional PRO Services in Dubai?

PRO Services in Dubai

Every company registered in Dubai must follow the rules and regulations to fulfill compliance requirements . When you are setting up a new business in Dubai, you need a trade license, permits, visa approvals, NOC Certificates, etc., to successfully Set Up Your Business in Dubai. Even after incorporation, there are continous requirements that you need to fulfill. Next Generation Corporate Services are experts in dealing with government departments such as Ministry of Economy, Municipality and MOHRE. In this article, we will learn about the PRO Services in Dubai and how they can help your business grow.

What are PRO Services in Dubai?

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) services in Dubai are required by the business to liaise with government departments. There are obligations that must be fulfilled in order for the business operate legally. These services include processing & cancellation of employee visas, resident visas, renewal of visas, legal translations of various documents, immigration and labour cards, etc. PRO Services by Next Generation Corporate Services assists businesses in Dubai in fulfilling these obligations efficiently. 

Why Do You Need PRO Services in Dubai?

  • Regulatory Compliance: Keeping track of all the government regulations in Dubai can be tough and time-consuming. Our PRO services make sure that your business follows all relevant laws and regulations. Different government departments have separate requirements and also require paperwork accordingly.
  • It Helps to Save Time and Cost: Handling all government paperwork can take a significant amount of your time. You can focus on your core business activities by using our professional PRO services, saving time and money. Especially if the daily and monthly volume of government related transactions are frequent. It may require the business to hire in-house resources which will cost the business quite a lot.
  • Helps to Boost your Business Setup: If you are planning to Set Up a Business in Dubai, our PRO services can streamline that process. We can assist you in getting mandatory business licenses, permits and approvals, thus helping to boost your Business Setup in Dubai.

What is Included in the PRO Services?

Setting up a business in Dubai requires constant contact with the concerned authorities on several occasions. The interactions are all for the purpose of Document Clearing, Visa Processing, Trade License Approval and Renewal, Labor Contracts, and Government Liaison. All these come under the umbrella of PRO services. Below are some of the professional PRO services that Next Generations Corporate Services offer in Dubai: 

  • Visa Services for Employees and Dependents
  • Visa Processing Including Application and Renewal
  • Legal Translation of Documents
  • Document Attestation
  • Government Agency Approvals
  • Trade License Application and Renewals
  • License Amendments
  • Court Agreement Letter/Notary
  • Trade Name Approval
  • Certification Attestation
  • End-to-end paperwork for all Government Departments
  • Contract Clearance
  • UAE Business License Services
  • Labour card and Immigration Card Renewals
  • Visa Amendment

Transition to Success with PRO Services of Next Generation Corporate Services

When you set up a business in Dubai, there are many responsibilities and tasks that you need to complete as soon as possible. Getting professional PRO Services by Next Generation Corporate Services is a great way to shrug off that extra burden from your shoulders. These services not only increase the efficiency of your business and minimise risk but also open up different opportunities to grow. Apart from providing PRO services, we have expertise in providing the best Professional Corporate Services in Dubai.

Next Generation works with all Government Departments

When it comes to fulfill your requirements, we work with all authorities across the UAE that include:

  • Department of Economy and Tourism (DET)
  • Dubai Land Department
  • Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Dubai Police
  • Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
  • Dubai Rulers Court

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