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Since the time Dubai opened its ports for global trade, it has never stopped developing. It quickly garnered the attention of investors worldwide and continues to provide investment opportunities in several sectors. If you are considering investing or even want to Set up a Business in Dubai, then it is important that you extensively research the market and take all the precautionary steps before jumping in. Next Generation Consultancy specializes in assisting entrepreneurs and investors in carefully assessing the business landscape of Dubai and helping them successfully set up their businesses with its best Professional Corporate Services. Keep reading to explore the scope of investing in Dubai and to know if it is the right move.  

Why is Dubai Considered a Top Destination for Investments?  

Why are the top investors worldwide interested in building their businesses in Dubai? Well, Dubai is considered a corporate haven due to its central location and how the regulatory framework favours trade and commerce in Dubai. UAE, Having the lowest corporate tax in the world, entices entrepreneurs around the world to set up their businesses in Dubai. Moreover, the growing population, technological advancements, rapid growth in real estate activities, and the dynamic business environment show that Dubai is indeed a lucrative place for investments.  

Best Business Opportunities in Dubai  

Dubai, the world’s new-age trade centre, has something for everyone. However, recent trends have shown great potential for the following business setups in Dubai:  

  • Real Estate: The real estate market in Dubai is expected to grow to over AED 300 billion by the end of the year. There has been a 46% increase in the sales of residential properties in Dubai compared to 2022, making it a profitable investment opportunity in Dubai.   
  • Fintech: At the recent DIFC’s Dubai Fintech summit, Dubai maintained its status as a hub for international finance, ranking 17th in the Global Financial Centres Index 2022 and 12th in the International Financial Centres Index 2023. Recent Digital Transformations in Dubai will attract an FDI of over AED 600 billion in the coming decade.  
  • Healthcare: Dubai recently issued licenses to 143 health facilities in the Q1 of 2023, increasing the total health facilities in Dubai to 4609. Moreover, Dubai’s constant focus on developing medical infrastructure has attracted large investments and propelled Dubai into having one of the best healthcare systems in the world.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: In terms of tourism and hospitality, Dubai is considered one of the most extravagant destinations in the world; with breathtaking beaches, unique infrastructure, tall skyscrapers and ultra-luxurious hotels, Dubai attracted over 14.36 million tourists in 2022, a whopping 97% increase from 2021, giving a strong investment opportunity for the investors. 

How to Invest in Dubai – Essential Steps and Considerations  

Every investment is precious and should be proceeded with careful planning and consideration. Below are some of the essential steps that you can follow to start your investing journey:  

  • Market Research and Due Diligence 
  • Identify Your Investment Strategy 
  • Consult with a Business Consulting in Dubai 
  • Secure Financing 
  • Comply with Legal and Regulatory Requirements 
  • Network and Build Relationships 

Insights from Next Generation Corporate Services  

Dubai’s rapid transformation into a global business hub has made it the top investment destination for investors. Its favorable location, diversified economy and unique infrastructure create the perfect environment for investors and entrepreneurs. If you want to solidify your position and are looking for long-term returns, it is best to set up your business in Dubai, Next Generation Consultancy, the best Professional Corporate Service provider in Dubai, can assist you in all your needs related to setting up your business. Get in touch with us today! 

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